Welcome to “Seeing through a safety lens”

This safety audit featured ten women from Johannesburg and Soweto who were given cameras (many as first time photographers) and asked to capture images of places and things that made them feel safe and unsafe. One of the challenges of this was capturing ‘fear’ and going to places of danger to take photos. Yet their successes are captured in these intriguing images that encourage viewers to question their own notions of safety and danger. The photographers have commented on what made them feel unsafe or unsafe, and some of them commented on how they would change the space to make it safer.

We encourage you to give your sense of safety based on these images and leave comments behind in order for other viewers to gauge a holistic view of ‘safety as a perception.’ An integral part of our exhibition going virtual is so that global perspectives on safety can be incorporated into this safety audit.

Please feel free to browse through our photos regarding women’s safety in Johannesburg. And of course, your commentary is more than welcome, it’s encouraged!


Gallery: Built Environment

This gallery contains 20 photos.


Gallery: Poor Living Conditions

This gallery contains 14 photos.


Gallery: People Together

This gallery contains 9 photos.


Gallery: Empty Spaces

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Empty Spaces

This place is unsafe, it shows no existence of any life form, a good place for robbers and thieves and rapists to hunt for their prey. KN

Portable Toilets

These toilets make us sick because nobody is cleaning them. Bn